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The solar power supply system consists of solar cell modules, solar controllers, and batteries (groups). According to actual needs, inverters can also be configured. Solar energy is a clean and renewable new energy source that has a wide range of applications in people's lives and work. One of them is to convert solar energy into electricity, which can be divided into photothermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation. The commonly referred solar power generation refers to solar photovoltaic power generation, which has the characteristics of no moving parts, no noise, no pollution, and high reliability. It has excellent application prospects in communication power supply systems in remote areas.

No.  The battery is 11.1V. The battery is 3.7V. light bulbs. Plate type
YF4030-10 10AH 30AH 40W crystal Single board
YF4042-14 14AH 42AH 40W crystal Single board
YF6042-14 14AH 42AH 60W crystal Single board
YF6060-20 20AH 60AH 60W crystal Single board
YF8060-20 20AH 60AH 80W crystal Double board
YF8090-30 30AH 90AH 80W crystal Double board
YF12090-30 30AH 90AH 120W words Double board
YF80120-45 45AH 135AH 80W crystal Double board
YF120120-45 45AH 135AH 120W crystal Double board

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