Oxygen Concentrator Portable Mini Oxygen Concentrator 1-7L Concentrator

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Product specifications:
Oxygen concentration: ≥ 90% (V/V)
Oxygen output: 1-7L adjustable, with an oxygen concentration of 93% ± 3% at 1L/2L output
Noise: ≤ 50Db (A)
Power supply method: 110V/220V optional
Working power: 150VA
Net weight of product: 6Kg
Negative ions: ≥ 8 million/cm ³
Product size: 250 * 295 * 385mm
Operation mode: continuous operation
Atomization rate: ≥ 0.2mL/min
Product Features:
1-7L high flow rate.
Imported lithium molecular sieve from France, with high adsorption capacity and high oxygen production rate.
Pure copper oil-free dual cylinder compressor, with low energy consumption, strong power, low noise, and fast heat dissipation.
Large screen display, touch buttons.
Equipped with negative ion function and voice broadcasting.
Oxygen production+atomization for one machine and two purposes.
Infrared remote control, easy to operate and use.
Timed work function, intelligent work, timed shutdown.
Usage Conditions&Packaging Information:
Normal working conditions
Environmental temperature range: 10 ºC~40 ºC
Relative humidity range: 30%~75%
Atmospheric pressure range: 86kPa~106kPa
Restrictions on transportation and storage environment
Environmental temperature range: 10 ºC~+55 ºC
Relative humidity range: ≤ 93%
Atmospheric pressure range: 70kPa~106kPa

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