Household UV air purifier small activated carbon air purifier portable air cleaner

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USB air purifier portable anion air purifier household formaldehyde removal
Air Purifiers:

Indoor pollution may be more serious than outdoor pollution, formaldehyde, secondhand smoke, bleach, mold, electrostatic dust (home appliances)
Efficient filtration of harmful substances, multiple filtration purification technology, effective filtration of harmful substances, can remove as small as 0.02 microns of harmful substances.
air purifier is mainly composed of shell, anion, activated carbon filter, fan and control system. HEPA filter combined with activated carbon filter, negative ions to achieve continuous indoor purification.
Product features:
1.Circulating filtration system, including activated carbon filter screen and ion purification;
2.Purify hidden dangers, quickly remove formaldehyde / toluene / TVOC / bacteria, and the sterilization rate is 99.99%
3.Low noise and mute, UV sterilization can be added to purify the air
4.Strengthen the air duct system to speed up the indoor air

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