Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Registered account: when you register and log in to the test account, you should at least provide us with the account name, avatar, mobile phone number or email address, and create a password. After successful registration, the above information provided by you will continue to authorize us to use during your use of the testing platform and services. When you cancel your account, we will stop using and delete the above information or anonymize your personal information, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.

At the same time, we may collect the following information after using the mobile phone number to register successfully:

2. Device information: so that we can provide services for you on the device, we may associate your device information or phone number with your account number, and collect device attribute information, device status information, and device link information.

3. Identity authentication service: test provides identity authentication service. When you apply to be a test user to authenticate your identity, we need to collect information about your date, time and place of birth.

4. Information release function: after you register successfully, you can release information on the test platform. We will review the content of the information from time to time, and save the content according to the law.

5. Browsing, following and collecting functions: you can browse the published information that you have followed or added friends. We will audit the record information that you have browsed, followed and collected, automatically collect the details of your use of the test, and save the content according to the law.

6. Display and push content: by using the collected information, we will provide you with search results, personalized content, user research analysis and statistics and other services.

7. Search function: when you use the search function provided by the test, we will collect the keyword information you query and other information and content details you read or request when using the test service. Such keyword information is usually unable to identify your personal identity, does not belong to your personal information, and is not within the scope of this guideline. Only when your search keyword information is connected with your other information and your personal identity can be identified, we will treat and protect your search keyword information as your personal information together with your search history in accordance with this guideline during the combined use period.

8. Customer service: when you file a complaint, suggestion, consultation or solve the related complaint, we may use your name, mobile phone number, e-mail and other personal information for the convenience of contacting you. If you refuse to provide the above information, we may not be able to give you timely feedback on the complaint, appeal or consultation results.

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